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* Baffled About Baby? A Quick and Easy Audio Guide to Baby Care
If you're a new parent or new to baby care, this informative 2-CD set gives you the answers you need. A group of mothers have compiled over 470 quick tips to smooth your transition.
* Waterbabies Aquatic Program
This site offers a home instructional video intended to give all the skills you need to introduce your new baby to the water safely and confidently. The techniques included are ideally used from birth to 4 months and can easily be transferred from the bath to the pool.
* Sleep
Baby lullabies and nursery rhymes music CDs with calming white noise, soothing heartbeats, ocean waves and other nature sounds help infants and newborn babies gently relax and fall asleep.
* Colic Comfort
A 60 min. tape cassette of a running vacuum cleaner to soothe colicky babies to sleep fast.
* Kirsten Agresta
Classical harp music meant for relaxation and stress relief of babies and parents alike. Beautiful melodies and lulling rhythms performed by internationally reknowned harpist, Kirsten Agresta.
* Honey, I'm Pregnant, Too! - A Pregnancy Guide For Men
This entertaining video features a unique pregnancy guide for husbands.
* V.I.E.W. Video
V.I.E.W. Video- special interest videos: parenting/childbirth/child care/infant massage.
* Babycalm
Babycalm is the result of ground breaking research. It is a revolutionary prenatal device that calms and soothes a fretting baby.
* Baby Massage
Baby Massage instructional video, based on Vimala McClure's best-selling book.
* Abridge Club Entertainment
Abridge Club is a new publishing house, focusing on unique entertainment for all ages. Featuring sound effects, multi-lingual selections, and instructional media.
* Exceptional Parent Library
Books, videos, and software for parents, educators and professionals encompassing almost fifty need specific and general categories. For parents of children with special needs.
* Empowered Mother
Empowered Mother - pregnancy is a creative visualization CD for the expectant mother, leading to a healthier, happier, mother and child.
* InJoy Videos
Over 100 videos on every area of childbirth and parenting.
* The Childbirth Institute
Childbirth education from pregnancy through birth and postpartum, including breastfeeding on video for your convenience. Also included are: student manual, relaxation tapes, coaches cards and email with our instructors.
* Childbirth Class On Video- Labor of Love
This Video Childbirth Class is perfect for first-time parents or bedrest mothers unable to attend classes, or second-time parents who need a refresher.
* Nurse Donna's Baby Land
Great products and information for new and expectant parents. Books, videos, software, breastfeeding and safety items. Free tips and hints for new parents, too.
* Lamaze Natural Childbirth - "We're Having A Baby!"
"We're Having A Baby!" is a complete Lamaze prepared childbirth class on video. This unique videotape is the only instructional video available that features all the techniques and information taught in Lamaze prepared childbirth classes. Internet discount & money back guarantee. Total running time 2 hours. VHS.
* We're Having A Baby!
The only complete Lamaze prepared childbirth class on video. For anyone who is unable to attend childbirth classes. Serves as a great refresher.
* Pregnancy, prenatal stimulation, fetal intelligence...
Pregnancy and early stimulation of babies. Prepare for pregnancy and childbirth while stimulating your baby before birth. Free relaxation audiotape with video purchase.
* Make Way for Baby!
Video of pregnancy care and prenatal stimulation techniques that will help enhance baby's development before birth.
* Pregnancy
Pregnancy information, videos and links to other pregnancy sites.
* Hypnosis and childbirth.
A series of audio tapes for people to use in their home. These audio tapes provide personal support through hypnotherapy for the challenges a person may face in pain control during childbirth.
* The CPR Review for Infants and Children
Would you be able to give you're infant or child CPR or rescue breathing In an emergency? The CPR review video could help you save your child's life. The $14.95 video no home should be without.
* Video of Ultrasound of Pregnancy
video of ultrasound of embryo and fetus.
Complete pregnancy and childbirth information resource.Welcome to our classroom.
* Transitions Music, Inc
Music interwoven with womb sounds designed to calm crying babies, is also popularly used to relax women while pregnant, during labour, and while breastfeeding. Also helps in relaxing adults having trouble sleeping. Enjoyable with a massage.
* Labor of Love
Having a baby? Confined to bedrest? Unable to attend a childbirth class? Need a refresher course? Labor of Love is a complete childbirth course on tape.