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Teen Parents

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* Baby Care and Parenting Message Board / Pregnancy Message Board
Make use of the combined wisdom of thousands of young parents and parents-to-be, like yourself! Post your questions and answers and see what others have written.
* Baby Place Articles and Advice: "Pregnancy No-Nos" by Leah Hennen
You already know to steer clear of alcohol and cigarettes. Here are other hazards to avoid.
* Practical Parenting
Free Parenting advice and support.
* The Young Mommies Help Site
For young mommies and mommies-to-be. Features include many active young mom communities, a large pen pal directory, the advice files, great links and resources, and the largest online collection of pregnancy/parenthood stories contributed by other young/teen moms.
* The Personal Page of Erica and Her Daughter Morgan
This is a site where young mothers can come together and feel welcome. Teen parents get answers to life's questions and support from others. There are informational links, personal accounts, and member interaction.
* Teen Parents
We all know going through pregnancy and then raising a child can be very hard. Every now and then we might need some help or just support from others. Now who can understand what your going through better than someone who's also going through it?
* Pregnancy and Babies
"My site is about pregnancy, babies and my own experience becoming a mother."
* A Woman's Place Crisis Pregnancy Center
Support to women in unplanned pregnancies.
* Alternate Avenues
Providing practical help and caring support to you as you make important pregnancy decisions.
* My Story
"My name is Julie and I am 18 years old. I am now six months pregnant with my first child, a boy. I created this page as a place to organize my feelings regarding my pregnancy, my son, adoption, and a lot of other issues."
* Young Mothers Only
Submit your story of pregnancy, motherhood, etc., and help other young mums feel less alone.