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How to Choose Petite Maternity Clothing

Article by Michelle O'Connor
Old Navy Maternity

If you are among those who have a petite frame, finding the right petite maternity clothes must be tough. To find appropriate clothes that minimize your growing waistline and bust line is necessary. This is where especially tailored maternity clothing comes as a blessing. Over the years, maternity clothes have diversified into a number of styles. These designs cater to every body type and size. Nowadays, you will find that tops, blouses, jeans, pants, skirts and evening dresses for pregnant women come in petite sizes.

What Types of Clothes to Wear and When - How to Select the Right Items

Wearing clothes with the right fit becomes even more important when you have a small frame. One has to keep in mind several points to dress smart. In the first trimester, you can wear most of your pre-pregnancy wear. Be careful not to wear form-fitting or tight jeans as this might harm the growing baby. Pants and skirts with elastic waists, dresses without a waistline, oversized clothing serves as wonderful maternity wear. This transitional clothing will come into use again after the baby is born and before you return to your pre-pregnancy size.

From the fifth month onwards, you will need to wear maternity clothes. We suggest you buy monochromatic tops and bottoms designed specially for petite women. The single color effect will make you appear taller and give you a slimmer look. Choose boat-neck or high-neck tops. This will emphasize your slim shoulders and give you a narrower effect. Avoid horizontal stripes especially in the later half of your pregnancy.

For a casual look, you could buy a good pair of black pants, a short or long black skirt, and a pair of twill or denim pants. Another good option you might want to try is a cotton/spandex jumpsuit that hugs your body and has a little extra room in the middle.

When choosing a maternity evening dress for a special occasion, buy a full-length one instead of a short or knee-length one. This will add to your height and frame your figure. Try not to go in for layered clothing when you are selecting petite size maternity clothes. Try out a slim silhouette instead. Many manufacturers are coming out with innovative designs of maternity clothes for the petite woman. A common choice for a special dress is the classic black number. This has been modified into a long sleeved, full-length, body-hugging style, which looks chic and glamorous.

How to Wear It Right!

Apart from buying petite size maternity clothes, one should remember a few things. Never buy clothes with big and heavy prints. Choose light and airy fabrics that will give you a fresh look. Wearing the right accessories is also crucial to looking great. A person who has a short frame should wear long necklaces and delicate jewelry. Never use over size bags as these can make you look bulky. Loosely knotted scarves are a good idea to give a dramatic effect.

With the right planning and eye towards colors, patterns and comfort - you will find the right fashionable maternity clothing for you!

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