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Cord Blood

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* Pregnancy Today: Umbilical Cord Blood - A Life-Saving Gift
Until recently, the umbilical cords from newborns were typically discarded after cutting the cord. But now, parents can choose to donate their infant's cords - at no cost to the parents - in the hope of saving the life of someone with cancer.
* California Cryobank
California Cryobank, an accredited cord blood bank with over 20 years experience in cryostorage, provides services nationwide and internationally.
* Lifebank
What every expectant parent should know about cord blood banking.
* The Cord Blood Registry
Offers expectant parents the opportunity to collect and store their baby's umbilical cord blood for potential future use by the family. This blood contains special cells which can be used to treat a number of life-threatening diseases.
* CorCell
Another site dedicated to informing expectant parents and their families about important breakthroughs in preserving umbilical cord blood. CorCell provides "biological insurance" through preservation of umbilical cord blood for when families need it most.
* The UCLA Umbilical Cord Blood Bank
The mission of the UCLA Umbilical Cord Blood Bank is to support bone marrow transplants by banking umbilical cord blood from a variety of ethnic groups with continuing quality improvement and in an environment that fosters research.
* Cord Blood Donor Foundation
"Cord Blood" is the blood that remains in the umbilical cord and placenta following birth. Cord blood stem cells have the ability to treat the same diseases as bone marrow with significantly less rejection. Cord blood is collected after the baby is born and the umbilical cord has been clamped and cut. It is painless and safe.