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Birth FAQs

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* Baby Place Bookstore
For books related to birth, visit our Baby Names Books and Childbirth Books pages.
* Your Baby Today
A great site for info on pregnancy and babies. Check out their "Ask the Expert" section for answers to frequently asked questions.
* Cord Blood Registry
One of the most important decisions to make during your pregnancy. To save your baby's cord blood is a one time choice that may offer many health benefits to your child in the future. Get a free consulation about having it taken and stored.
* Build a Baby Book
We Love this idea for busy mothers - basically every mother today. Build your baby book online with this company, and you can even share it with friends and family.
* Birth
Target words results for a search on birth. Find sites that offer helpful information all on one page.
* Group B Streptococcus (GBS)
Infomation on GBS, a disease that is a leading cause of life-threatening infection in newborns and which is preventable through intrapartum antibiotic prophylaxis.

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A huge list of all the available FAQs, many of which are available on the Web.
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